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BloodRayne 2

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BloodRayne 2.....MilkShape 3D, Turfster's BR2 Pod Tools. 
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MilkShape 3D: Skinning and View BloodRayne 2 Models

*Because of recent requests, here is my original tutorial for using Milkshape 3D. I also suggest using Turfster's BR PodTools: Turfster's Website   to extract, insert pod files, create model files that could be imported into MS3D, convert tex files to editable tga files. Importing the model (obj) file along with the (tga) textures in the same folder, the texture will auto load in MS3D. However since the tga image files have an alpha channel, the texture will sometimes appear transparent. Converting tga textures to bmp or jpg (which has no alpha channel) will solve that weird transparency problem, and thats why in my tutorial I am showing how to import BloodRayne's bmp textures into MS3D.

 Here's how to use MilkShape 3D to skin the Standard Rayne costume. To get MilkShape 3D go to: MS3D Website  which is Chumbalum Soft's website and download the 1.7.8 version. Install Milkshape and launch. Download the MS3D BR2 Skinning pack from the Editing Tools download section in this site's HOME PAGE. Unzip Skinning Pack, look in the "Model" folder and there is the RAYNE.OBJ file. Remember its location. Back to MilkShape 3D, open File, scroll to Import, select Wavefront OBJ. In the pop-up open the RAYNE.OBJ file and the Rayne model appears.

Right-click the lower-right quadrant where Rayne is and select "Maximize" and Rayne has the whole area.

Go to the Materials tab in the upper right side and you see 2 selections there. Highlight Material_0001 and in the middle you see a "rayne_hair" button. Click the button and look in the "Skins" folder in the skinning pack and open the rayne_hair.bmp. Next right click the window and check "Textured" and Rayne's hair texture will appear.

Just to show where the button is to browse for the Rayne hair texture.

Select Material_0000 and you see rayne on the button. Click the button, look in the Skins folder and open the rayne.bmp.

Just to show where the button is to browse for the Rayne (body) texture.

You now have a fully costumed Rayne!

I use the mouse wheel to move Rayne back and forth and holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse, I could rotate the Rayne model in different angles.

By repeating opening the rayne.bmp texture you can reload any new work you created and also make small changes using your photo editor. I personally use photoshop to paint the textures, viewing my progress with Milkshape.


*Creating Models using Turfster's BR2 Pod Tools:

This is for someone who hasn't tried MilkShape 3D before in this easy to use tutorial. In the MS3D BR2 Skinning Pack there are wireframes, templates, two types of nude base skins and of the original Rayne standard costume for those who are interested in skinning the standard Rayne model.
Using Turfster's pod tools, you can convert also import the other BR2 models and costumes, and all NPC's in the game. Open Pod Tools and select Pod3 Extractor tab. Open W32Models.Pod and extract the MODELS folder with the SMB and BFM files. Do the same for Common.Pod and extract the DATA folder. Move all SKB files into the MODELS Folder combining the SMB, BFM, and SKB files. In Pod Tools go to the Models tab and open any SMB file. You check the Wavefront Object as the output format and click "Convert". Now you have the coverted .OBJ model file ready to import into MS3D. You can also open any BFM file and convert it into OBJ for the rest of the NPC's models.
To locate the character's textures, extract W32Art.Pod and look in the ART Folder. There you will find TEX files which you can convert into TGA which is editable in Photoshop or similar. In Pod Tools you go into the "Textures" tab to convert the texture files.

Here are some examples:








BloodRayne (Standard)