Tutorial 2
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Silent Hill

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Silent Hill 2,3,4.... shtexplorer -texture editor. 
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Creating and importing textures using shtexplorer.

Here's how to use the shtexplorer to edit Eileen in Silent Hill 4! First download the Silent Hill texture explorer from this site's Home page. Unzip the file and click on shtexplorer.exe to launch the editor.

On the upper right side is an open folder where you can open the file of one of many of Eileen's skins.Look in- C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Silent Hill 4\data\eink.bin.

You will view 12 different texture file names that together makes the Eileen skin wearing a strip T-shirt and denin skirt in the explorer's window. Highlight tex_002 and a Preview pop-up will show the texture of her T-shirt.

You can either click the Contex Menu button or right click with your mouse the highlighted tex_002 and select "Extract selected files's". The tex file will be saved in the same folder as the eink.bin file is located. You have the option to also use the "Save dir" button. The extracted file is now eink.bin_tex_002.tga and it can be edited in photoshop or your favorite photo editor.

Shown is my work for both the tex_002 and tex_007 which I created a see-thru look for Eileen. I saved the finish work in the same directory as a 32 bit tga format.

To import the texture, right click or click the Contex Menu button for the menu to select "Replace current file". Open the edited tga file and the texture will convert.


Start the game to your saved point and see the results!

Remember to save all original files first before using the texture explorer.

I also used the same texture explorer to skin Maria in Silent Hill 2 and I believe Silent Hill 3 could also be modded.