Tutorial 3
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Star Wars Jedi Knight 2

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Jedi Knight 2.......Skinning Player Characters. Viewing and Switching Models using Pakscape, Modview. 
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Skinning Jedi Knight 2 in Single Player

First download PakScape: PakScape Download  or download "JK2 Tools" from my Home page. This is the only tool you need to edit Jedi Knight 2 or Jedi Academy.

Launch Pakscape. Click file, scroll to Open. A popup will appear and look in: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JKII Jedi Outcast\Game Data\base\assets0.pk3. Open the .pk3 file.


In the opened assets0.pk3 window are several folders. You would need to open the model\players\jan folders.

In the Jan folder are jpg files which are the textures for the Jan character. Highlight the torso.jpg file, right click and scroll to Object, then Export.

I usually save the exported texture in the "base" folder of the game directory. Repeat exporting with legs.jpg.

I used Adobe Photoshop to change Jan's torso and legs textures. You could use instead your favorite photo editor to do the same.

I also exported Tavion's textures from the "tavion" folder and edited tavion_torso.jpg and tavion_legs.jpg.

This is important that I place Jan's textures in a "jan" folder and Tavion's in a "tavion" folder. Both folders are placed in a "players" folder and players in a "models" folder. So that you keep the folder tree: models\players\jan\torso.jpg and legs.jpg. Launch PakScape and click on "file" and select new. In the "Untitled1" window, right click the background and scroll to "Object", then "Import Directory". Browse to the models folder that you had just created with the new textures and click OK. The models folder should appear in the window.

In File, scroll to "Save As" and save using the .pk3 type You can save the Jan_Tavion.pk3 in the "base" folder where the assets0.pk3 file is.

Launch the jk2sp.exe (Single Player) and view the new skins. As you can see the Jan nude skin worked, however she is still wearing that vest and goggles. We can fix that by borrowing some MP configuration files which will remove her accessories from the Jan model.

Going back to PakScape, open the Jan_Tavion.pk3 file. In the window right click and scroll to Object and to Import Directory. Browse to the ext_data folder and select OK. The ext_data folder has the npcs.cfg file which can be view and edited with notepad. To keep it simple, you can download my edited npcs.cfg file: Download!  This configuration has the commands to "off" Jan's accessories (goggles and vest). Unzip the downloaded file and import the ext_data folder using PakScape.

Save the newly edited Jan_Tavion.pk3 file in its same location and play the game. You now see Jan in all her glory.


By repeating opening the rayne.bmp texture you can reload any new work you created and also make small changes using your photo editor. I personally use photoshop to paint the textures, viewing my progress with Milkshape. You are welcome to use my nudeskins as a base for your own creations.


Using Modview for JK2:

This tutorial will cover extracting files using PakScape and viewing game models and textures. This tool is very helpful for viewing your own modified textures in progress..

I will start with Tavion:

Launch PakScape, click on File, Open, looking in the base folder of the Jedi Knight 2 game directory- for example; C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JKII Jedi Outcast\Game Data\base\assets0.pk3- and open the .pk3 file. In the PakScape window open the models folder, then the players folder and you will find the "tavion" and "_humanoid" folders. You can highlight both folders, right click select Object and Export to a new folder on your HD. Do the same exporting the "shaders" folder at assets0.pk3. When extracted you can delete all files in the "shaders" folder except models.shader.

At this point, your directory structure should look something like this:
>> GameData/base/shaders - this should have the models.shader in it
>> GameData/base/models/players/_humanoid - this should have the _humanoid.gla and animation.cfg in it
>> GameData/base/models/players/tavion - this should have the model.glm, model_default.skin and all the .jpgs and .tgas in that directory in it.



Open ModView. Go to open a file and browse to the .glm file in the GameData/base/models/players/tavion. I did get warnings about missing textures when I load the model. It was the mouth_eyes.jpg in the Kyle folder. I went back into the assets0.pk3 file and extracted the Kyle folder with the jpg.  Most of the time, it will be complaining about not finding the “caps” textures… you do not need these in order to view the model, so don’t worry about them.


The Tavion model will appear. Holding down the left mouse button and moving it will rotate Tavion. A nice feature is to start the animation
for tavion to see her in action.


You can download ModView from my Home page as part of "JK2 Tools" or from here:JK2 Editing Tools Download 

Switching JK2 model files

This tutorial will cover switching files between Player Characters and NPCs using PakScape.

I will start with switching Kyle, a player character, with Tavion.


Going inside the Tavion folder you will find the "model_default.skin" and the "model.glm" files. These files contain the data for the Tavion model. Create a folder tree: Models\Players\Kyle\ and place the two files in the the Kyle folder.


Launch PakScape, click on File and scroll to New. Untitled window will appear. Right click in the empty area, scroll to Object and Import Directory. Browse to where you created the Models\Players\Kyle\model_default.skin, model.glm folder tree and select models. Then go to File and scroll to Save As. You would want to save as a pk3 file and I named mine "Custom". You then placed the new pk3 file in the base folder of the game. Going a step further, I also have my Jan_Tavion_ nudes.pk3 file there. Both the "Custom" and "Nudes" will import into the game.


As you can see what happens between the original game files and the modification. Even though Tavion is now a player character, and you can still view her in 3rd person by hitting the "P" on your keyboard, she will still talk like Kyle.


It is possible to switch other NPCs models with Kyle and also switch with Jan if you repeat the same and create a Jan folder.


Going even further, I put the 2 Tavion files in a StormTrooper folder and now the players could battle an army of Tavions.


However for reasons unknown you get a few bugs....